From humble beginnings in Montreal’s underground house and hip hop scene in the mid 90’s Selena Tatum Isles AKA SeriousBlack, has emerged as one of few to blend sounds from England’s rabid Northern Soul scene to the birth of disco in New York, from the sound systems of Jamaica to the scratch wars of early hip-hop in the Bronx, from Chicago house to Detroit techno to London rave, underground classics and all this coming from the b-side of a 45 record, she is a light in the darkness of the underground.
388_478099635600847_1670119222_n (1)

At Greenlight Gallery

Growing up on an eclectic diet of calypso, soca, funk, soul, RNB, rap, reggae and dub, blues,jazz, Latin, world and classical provided by her father’s record collection in the late 70’s SeriousBlack is hard to pin down musically.
Inspired by her family’s love of music – musicians were a norm in her house growing up; Serious took up steel pans at 9 and the bass at 15, however she also accompanied her father to the local record store every Saturday afternoon from 1- 9 pm for about ten years. Serious could be found at Mikes’s record shop on Victoria. It was only natural then, a few years later that Serious made a emergence into late night house parties and the pulsing rhythms of early house and rap following behind her older cousins also accomplished DJ’s and dancers. After one such night, Serious promptly reported to her father that she would like a defined lesson in how his Technic 1200 Turntables worked, he could not resist the invitation to have her ‘step into the light’.
Serious began performing at local house parties, basements and abandoned warehouses.
A regular fixture on Montreal’s, Yoga, dance floor and Hip Hop scene SeriousBlack has shared stages with well known local and international DJ’s;  DJ Drez, Africa Bambaataa, MC Yogi, Andy Williams (The Goods and Jass Amnesty Soundsystem), Sweet Daddy Luv, DJ Solepsin (, Sugarface Nene(Mistresses of WAX) , Engone Endgone, Conn Shawnery, Alexis Charpentier (, DJ KOBAL, Rich and Kiss et al.
In festivals ( yoga and hip hop) such as,Wanderlust Festival,Nuite Blanche (Montreal), Under Pressure (Montreal), Who’s got Next (Paris), Tools of War (NYC),FullMOON (Kamui Island, Thailand), Burning Man(US), and Montreal Jazz festival,Yocomo ( The Montreal Yoga Festival).

serious sugarface 2012

Under Pressure 2011 with Sugarface Nene

SeriousBlack is the voice and DJ behind The Bsides Radio Show which aired on CKUT 90.3, every second Monday from 4 – 7 am.
Serious was recently signed to (, and a permanent fixture at Wanderlust tours Squaw Valley CA, Whistler BC, Stratton VT,  and Mount Tremblant,  and continues to work on producing new mixes and digging through crates to bring new music to people.
Serious is an accomplished Yogi in the Hatha Tradition and a yoga teacher at Viveka Yoga in Lachine,, she is also a ambassador for Buddha Pants
yoga in the park 2013 lululemon

Yoga in the Park



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