Wanderlust Day 2 – Victorius Vinyasa with Bram Levinsion – Sahja and Sensuality with Andrew Bathorey


Wanderlust Day 2 – So I found myself up and on the go at 6:45 am it would turn out to br a busy and gratifying day as I was again accompanying Bram Levinson for our Victorious Vinyasa – the same workshop that brought us together a year ago at the same festival. Our workshop was at 8am and following that I was accompanying Andrew Bathorey of Wanderlust Yoga for his Sahja and Sensuality workshop – Thank God they were happening in the same space. Friday turned out to be a hectic day as I accompanied 2 very accomplished yogis, hit the D’OM for another set and would end off the night at the Lululemon Wanderparty. WOW!!!

Wanderlust or BUST 020

Lululemon WanderPARTY

Wanderlust or BUST 010 Wanderlust or BUST 009 Wanderlust or BUST 011 Wanderlust or BUST 008 Wanderlust or BUST 004 Wanderlust or BUST 005 Wanderlust or BUST 001



Excerpt from Victorious Vinyasa below on Mixcloud:


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