Serious appearances in June

YOCOMO June 6 – 8 2014 

Friday June 6th opening NIGHT, Seriousblack headlines YOCOMO’s opening with a night of ‘getting down on your asana’! along with 4 other artists I will be mixing, blending and chopping up beats for your yoga feet…

Yoga Festival Montréal will kick off with an evening of music and mingling! Discover the elf world of Malouve (a kid-friendly performance!), chill out on the dance floor with Seriousblack, and get entranced by the dreamscape sounds of Meghan Riley and Andrew David. Connect with the yogis in your community and celebrate the talent and creativity that Montréal has to offer!

6:30 – 9:00 pm

Location: 4001 rue Berri, #101 (at Duluth – see map) Note: this off-site event is NOT at Le Conservatoire, wine & beer will be for sale.

RAW Showcase Friday June 13 2014

We host over 30-70 showcases a month, featuring indie artists from the local communities in cities across the United States and Australia.

Seriousblack features in the June edition of RAW called PANORAMA at the Rialto Theatre 5723 Avenue du Parc,  from 7 – 11 pm.

I will be blending, mixing, chopping and synchronizing beats on the second stage in an epic 3 hour set for the live artists painting namely

Buy your ticket as all proceeds go to back  into funding the show

buy here


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